Computerised Health Screening. What’s it all about?

When Janet invited me to experience her new “baby” the Asyra System I felt so much excitement from her that it was hard to resist. I entered the cosy room hidden at the back of Barnett’s and immediately felt relaxed. This was to be my first of two visits.

On my first visit Janet started off by asking me about my health and how I was feeling.This was like manna from heaven, somebody asking about me for a change! After a good ten minutes or so ( Janet is an amazing listener) I took a breath and we started the screening.

The Asyra machine is a pretty little thing with two probes(like metal rods) which Janet asked me to hold in either hand. Janet started the machine and I sat and waited. I felt a slight buzzing sensation through my body (this could have been my imagination...) it was quite pleasant to be honest.

Within what seemed like seconds, it was over and Janet started to analyse the results.

Janet holds a Science degree and is a qualified Medical Lab Scientist in Microbiology. She also holds a diploma in Kinesiology (see the note on the next page) and has 10 years experience as a caring professional Therapist. Which is a good job as the Asyra system is only fully optimised in the hands of a skilled practitioner as it combines science with a holistic approach to health and healing...I hope you’re following me(!) basically in the right hands the correct interpretations of the results enable the most effective healing to be chosen for each individual.

This first screening only showed a couple of issues to which I was greatly relieved. I had been suffering from digestive problems (mostly self inflicted I hasten to add) and this was the only area which showed a significant imbalance of energy. This amazed me. I was felling pretty healthy in all other areas so my faith in Asyra was born.

Janet mixed up a potion (Homeopathic remedy) and sent me on my way with the promise of my return for a second screening after a few weeks.

I re visited Janet just before this edition of The Journal went to press. It is my most stressful time and my reading showed every sign of that.

The results showed that I was quite anxious and in quite a hyper state (which is all normal just before my deadline!) The fact that this machine could actually detect the difference in me from the first session (when I was very relaxed), reconfirmed the power it has. Not forgetting the knowledge of Janet to be able to read it correctly. It also showed up”microscopic invaders” which apparently are usually present in people who have not had the ability to say no to things in the past (I’m working on that one).

All in all the results were spot on. Janet mixed me a new potion which had more ingredients this time (oh heck...) and we chatted some more. Janet really is an attentive listener which makes the whole experience so comfortable.I really didn’t want to leave.

As I browsed the shop on my way out I indulgently picked up a packet of “Organic Maple” Frosted Flakes (I couldn’t resist) and I haven’t enjoyed my breakfast as much since. Looking after myself has never felt so good.

About “Asyra”

Many studies have shown a greater than 99% correlation with standard clinical tests for a number of health p r o b l e m s . T h y r o i d insufficiency being just one example.

This machine is designed to do far more than merely replicate tests which are already available. Within a computerised library of information are the energetic signatures of every system and organ of the body, together with the characteristic readings for conditions of ill-health, inflammation, pathogens etc

The Asyra system can test for them all in a matter of seconds. In the case of nutritional assessments, the printout will show which vitamins, minerals, oils etc are needed. It even has a facility for checking whether a particular herb or homeopathic supplement will rebalance the energetic signature of the stressed organ or body-system and so bring the client back to health.

In the hands of a skilled practitioner, the Asyra machine combines science with a holistic approach to health and healing, enabling the most effective healing programme to be chosen for each individual.

If you would like to know more about this system or view some of the published research, go to